Going the Extra Step ... to Copenhagen

Alison Gannet in London, England

Getting your point across often requires taking the extra step. Sometimes you have to take several thousand extra steps, just ask Alison Gannett. She is hiking 250 miles from London to Brussels to make the point that Climate Change threatens the existence of snow and glaciers across the planet. To drive her point home, Alison is hiking with a pair of skis strapped on her full backpack!

Alison is walking 250 miles to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, which will hopefully replace the Kyoto Agreement. The talks will be attended by almost 200 countries, including President Barack Obama and his US climate contingent. Alison is hiking with champion ocean rower Roz Savage on her Big Ben to Brussels (BB2B) walk to raise citizen awareness and develop international media attention. Alison and Roz are walking about 20 miles a day from Nov 20th to Dec 5th, and then will meet the UN Climate Express Train and Celebration which goes onto Copenhagen. She'll walk the last steps to the ceremony with the skis taped to her feet (aren't there better ways to do a base grind?) to help raise awareness on the importance of saving our snow.

Congratulations to Alison and her hiking crew as they approach Copenhagen. I hope she can help get the point across that Climate Change threatens the snow we ski on, our supply of fresh water and much more!

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