Hey ski resort. Let's talk about CO2

Hey ski resort. Let's talk about CO2

Hey, ski resort. I know we haven't seen much of each other for a few months but the mornings have been getting cooler and I was thinking about you. I want us to be together every winter, but we need to talk. I love the great times we've had together but we can't keep going on like we used to. We could talk about the weather all the time: When will it snow? How much? Will it be light, fluffy powder or a heavy, wet blanket of snow? But things have changed and I'm worried about our future. We need to talk about CO2 and climate change.

I know this is tough to talk about, but it's really important. Climate change is starting to get between us and we've got to do something or it will break us apart. It seems that each winter is starting later and ending earlier and we have less time to spend with each other. I'm making changes for you and I want to know that you will make changes for me.

I've been reducing my carbon footprint and you can see I've really slimmed down. I've been carpooling with my other ski and snowboard friends when I come to see you. I'm ready to make more changes so we can be together, but I need to know that you're ready to change too. One step would be switching to renewable power. How about replacing your dirty two-stroke snowmobiles with cleaner, four-stroke snow-mo's?

I know change is hard, but we need to start planning for our future. How about it ski resort? Opening day isn't that far off. Let's make a real commitment this winter to lower our CO2 emissions for a cold, snowy future together.

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