I Can See Everest From My House

Mount Everest

Here at SnowCode Headquarters we love mountains. And looking at snow-covered mountains is even better. I am excited to say that I can now see Mount Everest, all 8,848 meters of it, from my house. No, I didn't move to Tibet. But thanks to the people of Ev-K2-CNR there is a live webcam showing good old Chomolungma.

The Ev-K2-CNR Committee is a non-profit association which promotes scientific and technological research in mountain areas. Particular emphasis is placed on the Hindu Kush – Karakorum – Himalaya region and on work in the countries of Nepal, Pakistan, China (Tibetan Autonomous Region) and India. Ev-K2-CNR is best represented by its Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory located at 5,050 meters a.s.l. in Nepal at the base of Mount Everest. Ev-K2-CNR research focuses on Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Physiology, Anthropology, and Technological Development.

If your window doesn't look toward the mountains*, now you can see Mount Everest whenever you'd like. You can also follow the most recent research and news from Ev-K2-CNR in the Himalaya.

* I can see at least two mountain ranges from my house, but they are quite a bit shorter than either Everest or K2.

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