Turns are Turns

Skiing at the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Backcountry skiers often say "Turns are Turns." While I've had some tough days on skis I agree that any skiing is better than none. If you haven't tried skiing on sand dunes, you're missing out on some great turns. Bring your old un-waxed skis or snowboard (preferably with a harder sintered base material) and gear that can survive the sand. Hike up to the top and slide down. Telemark skiers can even "skin" up the dunes on their dry skis. After a few runs you'll have clean ski or snowboard bases, a good workout and a LOT of fun.

There is a learning curve to sand dune skiing, but most folks figure it out in a run or two (point your skis straight down, pick up some speed and don't turn too much). Getting in those first runs of the season feels pretty great. Even when those runs are on sand.

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