I'm Not Superstitious, but ...


In the Northern Hemisphere we've passed the Autumnal Equinox and entered fall. With the cooler weather come dreams of winter and snow. Regardless of advances in weather forecasting skiers and snowboarders dream of how they can predict or encourage the snow. Maybe you're not superstitious, but a surprising number of the skiers I know start doing strange things as winter approaches.

One popular pre-ski season 'rite' is a bonfire where old and broken skis are burned in sacrifice to the old Norse god Ullr. While I'm don't know if this is a historically accurate form of worship it is popular in many ski towns hoping for a snowy winter. Another activity for hopeful snow lovers is the snow dance. The Snow Dance appears to be highly individual without definitive steps or figures which encourages a improvisational style (i.e. dancers make it up as they go).

I'd like to hear about more superstitions and rituals that are supposed to bring on the snow. So, please email any info on 'bring the snow' winter rites. In the meantime I'll look over these DIY Snow Gun plans and listen to some Stevie Wonder.

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